Tonight’s Popcorn Selection

Tonight’s popcorn selection for #SavingHope episode 2.2 is going to be this lovely and junky Spicy, Gooey M&Ms & Almond Popcorn hot mess. It’s been a weird day for me, and I’m somewhat PMS-y, so this fits the bill.

Are you in on this? Looks yummy.

Update: Made this one tonight. I would make it again, but I would change a few of the ingredients and how much of them I use. I really liked the heat from the red hot chili pepper paste I used, but I didn’t like all of the honey (because I don’t like honey). The almond butter became whipped peanut butter because I had it on hand (just like the Christmas themed red & white M&Ms from my freezer), but it left the popcorn mushy. I dislike mushy popcorn. Blech.

The husband liked the tastes fine enough, but he also didn’t like the mushiness, so for him I’d go back to light corn syrup instead of the almond or peanut butter because it hardens and this snack kept falling out of my fingers every time I reached for a few bits of popcorn. Most annoying, and dirty. The front of my top is going to need to soak for 24 hrs in stain removing chemicals now. {sigh}

All in all, it was a good choice, but I should have did a practice run with it a few days ago to work out these taste kinks that are particular to my taste buds.

GooeyPopcornOh, and oink-oink. I want to make a big batch of bacon when I wake up for some strange reason. 🙂


Returning TV Shows & Popcorn


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Some of our favourite tv shows are coming back this week (yah!), so I decided since one of our tv snacks is popcorn, I would make up a compilation of some great popcorn recipe ideas in the form of a Pinterest popcorn board so you can all pop along with us.

Since two of these shows are shot in Toronto, Canada, I thought this Carmel Caribou Munch might fit the bill for one of them, but then I realized it might be too obvious, too schmaltzy, of a choice. Despite its great ingredients. Same goes for this very tempting Bacon Carmel Popcorn. I mean, we don’t want to be obvious about being Canadian, right? Right.

I spent a lot of time internally debating the idea of making a chocolate infused batch like this lovely Fluffernutter Carmel Corn Popcorn, but ultimately decided against it since chocolate and my throat aren’t on speaking terms anymore. (I’m also on the outs with coffee, mint, hot spices and most heavily acidic tomato based sauces.) Getting old blows.

I also really want to try this Cinnamon Bun Popcorn recipe. But it may become something of an addiction after I do, though. I’m a little worried. Nothing good can come of this one. I’m sure of it. I’ll be living in alleyways, begging for spare hits of ground cinnamon in no time. This vision frightens me. A lot.

Anyway, like I was saying, I was hoping to by this point nail down which batch I would make for each season premier night but I got sidetracked with family stuff, so go look at the board and pick out your own, make it, and then let me know what you thought of your selection. I haven’t tried any of these yet, but they all look tasty. In the meantime, I may resort to throwing a dart at my Pinterest board blindfolded and letting fate dictate what I make tomorrow night. 🙂

Can I just say how much I love our few select tv shows? I also love that broadcasters have started running smaller seasons of each show, and now stagger their start dates so some of them return in the summer instead of all of them returning in the Fall at the same time. The worst is when networks stack nights to compete with other networks. That used to make my brain explode. I can’t possibly stay up all night watching everything from our three DVRs just to keep on top of everything. Sorry. Not going to happen. It’s too much.

Saving Hope

A few shows have been main stays in our home while others that started last year have become quick favourites. Luckily a few of those are starting up again starting Tuesday night on CTV. First up – Saving Hope. I love this show. And not just because of the actors, although they’re all freakin’ fantastic in their roles, but because the story lines are interesting and ongoing. It’s a soap. For night time viewers who also happen to love great drama and how messy human interactions can get when egos, emotions and tragedy keeps getting in the way of saving lives. I’m interested to see where they take Charlie this season, and to know if Gavin & Maggie continue furthering their relationship and, I admit it, I’m curious to see if Dr. Zach finally reveals the reason he and his wife split up. I bet it’s juicy; something like Zack’s been faking his love of the bible and has a secret double life retiring to hotel rooms to wear women’s lingerie to unwind after stressful days in the e.r. Hee. 🙂

Dexter Season 8Next up we have the returning for its last season old fave, Dexter, this Sunday night on Showtime. Dexter is a seasoned show, therefore it should probably have a seasoned popcorn like Ina Gartner’s Truffled Popcorn. This may happen. I can’t wait to see how the fallout of Deb’s actions in last season’s finale (which re-aired last night) play out in the final season. I’m fairly strong, but even I have a hard time imagining how I could live with her decision. Yikes. {nail biting} So, yeah… Good times ahead, I’m sure. 🙂 And normally by now I have read a thing of two about Dexter’s main opponent for the upcoming season, but I haven’t come across anything for his final journey foe yet so I can only speculate. We would love to see the character Hanna come back because Dexter genuinely loved her, and Yvonne lights up the screen every time she’s in a scene. Even when she’s not talking. She’s hard not to girl crush on, y’know? 😉

SuitsThe final show that I know of and care about that’s returning this summer is Suits July 16th on a channel we don’t get here in Canada. I have decided to make this Fancy Pants popcorn for this show. If you’ve seen the show, you’ll know why. It’s one of those shows that you instantly love. Its immediate appeal, its hot star (I do love me some Gabriel Macht!), and all of its perfectly crafted flawed characters causing all kinds of internal conflict and fighting within the law firm, are top drawer fantastic. The drama, the stories, the cases, the clients, the schemes – sooooo much better than that little LA Law show. Be sure not to miss this one. You’ll thank me. Oh, and since it doesn’t air on a network, the show pushes the envelope of taste where nudity and language are concerned. FYI.

Now back to the popcorn, I’ve been making great use of the Whirly Popper thingy you gave me for Christmas since it arrived, E. What do you make in yours? What’s the weirdest or most decadent batch you, Wendy or Ermine have ever eaten and loved? Hit me in the comments. I really want to get a huge repertoire going for ours. I know you all love popcorn as much as we do, so you have to have some funky ideas for us. Don’t lie. 🙂

PS: Is Ermine still losing popcorn under her boobs? Hee.