Vintage Finds #7

What a long week spent at the house decluttering, sorting and packing stuff up! Here are a few of the neat things I found at the house this week.

Who is this skinny boy?? I’ve never met him. Do you recognize the ladies? I never met them.

Doesn’t the Grecian lady look thrilled to be included in this photo? LOL The rest of the ladies were before my time.

I also have never met this skinny man! I wonder what he looks like now. 😀

Santa, and her elf, Luke.

I’ve heard the stories of Gloria wearing this but I have yet to see any pictures. I’ll keep looking.

Not sure when the MIL bought this, but it looks very high end and expensive. I’m not into these hand blenders. Guess we’ll have to find it a new home. BTW, it was never used.

Books? I got yer books. Right here! Dear god, this is a lot of books to find new homes for. Oy.