Vintage Finds 8 & 9

Ahh, it’s been another long week of cleaning out my in-laws’ house. I found a few things, but mostly I found stuff to throw out that amazed me in their scope. See what I mean ahead…

Again, a double dose for you all since I have been too busy this week to do small daily posts.

My MIL has jars upon jars of spiced beets she canned, like, maybe 25 years ago, but they have since gone off, so I ended up opening all of the jars, draining the liquid and dumping the beets into recycle bags for trash day last week. Our green bin was almost too heavy for me to roll down a sloped driveway. Almost! (I may have dragged the bin a bit here and there.) I forget how many bags I ended up with, but I’d guess seven, and each one weighing about five pounds each. Oy.

These are the jars (and some plastic pop bottles I drained at the same time) that I emptied from my MIL’s cold cellar that day. I didn’t count how many jars there were, but if I had to guess, I’d say we recycled 36 jars last week, and this week there are another 36 + 6 + 12. Most of them were baby food jars she used for her boysenberry jams which none of us like so out it went along with the beets.

This is a standard laundry tub, filled to the brim with empty canning jars.

Raise your hands if you remember these canisters? I do. My aunt had them in her kitchen at her farm when I was just starting my teen years. Hers were, however, the typical avocado & olive colour scheme that was so popular in the mid to late 1970s. And how much do you love the Dymo tape label??

I love the date on these boxes, but sadly they weren’t even the oldest thing in the basement pantry cabinets!

I don’t remember a Chez “c-wing” when I first started at the college, so I have no frame of reference for this. The date on this receipt is 85/09/10. Julie? Mary-Lou? Pam? Who worked there and what did they sell other than the sweater my SIL bought?

This is for Julie. I know this was the cassette tape set of three you were secretly looking for over at the house last weekend. Don’t lie! LOL

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  1. I cannot remember Chez but then I didn’t start working at the college until 1990! Haha to the Lawrence Welk collection, not quite up my alley!

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