Tonight’s Popcorn Selection

Tonight’s popcorn selection for #SavingHope episode 2.2 is going to be this lovely and junky Spicy, Gooey M&Ms & Almond Popcorn hot mess. It’s been a weird day for me, and I’m somewhat PMS-y, so this fits the bill.

Are you in on this? Looks yummy.

Update: Made this one tonight. I would make it again, but I would change a few of the ingredients and how much of them I use. I really liked the heat from the red hot chili pepper paste I used, but I didn’t like all of the honey (because I don’t like honey). The almond butter became whipped peanut butter because I had it on hand (just like the Christmas themed red & white M&Ms from my freezer), but it left the popcorn mushy. I dislike mushy popcorn. Blech.

The husband liked the tastes fine enough, but he also didn’t like the mushiness, so for him I’d go back to light corn syrup instead of the almond or peanut butter because it hardens and this snack kept falling out of my fingers every time I reached for a few bits of popcorn. Most annoying, and dirty. The front of my top is going to need to soak for 24 hrs in stain removing chemicals now. {sigh}

All in all, it was a good choice, but I should have did a practice run with it a few days ago to work out these taste kinks that are particular to my taste buds.

GooeyPopcornOh, and oink-oink. I want to make a big batch of bacon when I wake up for some strange reason. 🙂