Liquid Smoke


After watching so many food shows where liquid smoke is talked up to the skies, we decided we were curious enough to try some cooking with it at home. We found this small bottle of Woodland’s Natural Hickory Liquid Smoke Flavour to do some testing with. It was on sale, so if it turns out for so weird reason we don’t like it, neither of us will mind giving it away or ditching it.

I found this thread of what others have used liquid smoke with and for. I’ll summarize the list for you so you don’t have to bore yourself reading all of the replies and comments.

Typical & Atypical Liquid Smoke Applications:
– In Crock Pots and oven pans for very long meat cook cycles
– In overnight brines mixtures
– A few drops added to mayonaise to make a smoky dip
– Steam covered chicken on a rack in a pot over water with liquid smoke
– Diluted in a mist bottle, sprayed lightly over meats and other foods
– Misted over ice cream, chocolate and fruits – possible uses
– Added to BBQ sauces, of course
– Brushed over meat before being dried out into jerky
– Added to pots of stovetop chili and baked beans
– A dash or two added to eggs
– Bread and pizza doughs to simulate wood stove baking taste
– Salmon curing (if you’re into lox)
– Brushed over briskets, wrapped and chilled overnight
– Misted or lightly brused over seafoods and fish
– A few drops in your best BBQ’d corn salads
– Braised ribs
– Various marinades and sauces used to dip food in
– Coated over Kosher salt, then dried out in the oven for use over many dishes

That list is by no means complete, but it’s a fairly hefty range of ideas for us, and for you, to use to get our smoke on, so go forth and enjoy. And then come back here and share the details of what you used it with and how it tasted with the whole class. 🙂

As for us, I took out two very thick steak chops and a long but skinny pork loin I want to butterfly and layout some fantastic filling ingredients on before I roll it up, truss it, and slow cook it till the meat melts in our mouths.


Pictures and recipes beyond pulled pork are sure to follow very soon!