Gardening In The Heat


My gosh, it’s hot out. I’m sweating from working in the garden.

Sadly I had to rip apart two beds of rotting lettuce sitting in potting soil spiders, earwigs and other thingies were squatting in. I ditched the soil and washed out the containers, and am now toying with the idea of what else to plant in them. And hopefully whatever it is I plant next won’t attract weird spiders. (See above pic.)

What are all of you growing? Got any ideas for me? Guess it’s too late to find kale seeds in the store, right? Shoot. Next year for sure.

Summer is only half done, so I may end up planting more lettuce, but I’m not too sure about that. The odd weather didn’t help those two beds of lettuce, nor the other two I still have going. And it’s just the two of us, so why did I think we needed to grow that much originally? I’m not too sure what I was thinking a few months ago.


[ Garden squatter ]

After that, I spent some time uprooting large weeds to keep our grass growing and cleaned up the yard. Maybe less than an hour’s worth of work, but I look like I just got out of the shower.

Speaking of… I’m off to hose down. Blergh.

Aphid-1[ Another shot of that odd to this region spider. ]