3-In-1 Classic Lasagna Tutorial

Came across this 3-in-1 classic lasagna tutorial in a tweet today. I like the simplicity of this lasagna. I’m thinking this would be a great version to make on a weeknight that isn’t too busy to be served on another night where you’re more pressed for time and ideas.

This could even be a dish you can make on a weekend and stuff into the freezer for another time. It also strikes me as a simple, basic lasagna that would be great to give to someone who is going through something rough and doesn’t have time to take care of themselves or their family with a full, proper meal. Think during a funeral, or while someone is sick, or after a baby is born etc.; basically when a whole family is otherwise preoccupied and no one can step up to make dinner.

My mother once cooked a beef roast, complete with roasted vegetables, and had it wheeled over in a wagon by one of my brothers to her friend’s house because her friend was too busy grieving and burying her husband to cook for her children. It’s a story those grown children retell every time any of them visit my mother to this day, some 40 years later. And that, kids, is how a friend can support a grieving family is done!

I’m going to tuck this one into my back pocket as a dish to try during such times after I test it and verify it’s tasty enough to give to someone else, of course.