First YGEH Knock-Off Attempt


[ L-R: Two apple fritters, two eggs, two slices of Polish cheese, and two burger patties; the sliced open apple fritters awaiting butter smearing; the final thing being taste tested. ]

I made a You Gotta Eat Here! inspired dinner tonight I calling, for lack of a better term, the ‘Apple Fritter Fried Egg & Cheese Burger’. It was, um, not my gear. At all. The husband didn’t think much of this ungraceful-to-eat mess either despite how excited he was when he saw it on the show. PASS.

I should’ve known I wasn’t going to like the taste of this when my husband started to drool and I felt queasy the second it appeared on the screen. And it should have been confirmed when the ingredients were called out. I should’ve just left well enough alone, but nooooooo. When have I ever done that, right, everyone who’s ever met me?!?

{silent weeping out of shame}

I don’t do savoury and sweet together if I can help it. The combination tends to overloaded my brain until it flips out, leaving my body to scramble because it doesn’t know how to deal. All my body knows is it needs to be fed, so it lunges at the garbage as it appears on my plate. Stupid fricken body.

And none of this even gets into how ungraceful it is to eat a runny egg over a greasy burger patty stuffed between two very sugary and slippery glazed halves of a fritter that happen to have flowing cinnamon syrup inside the bun. All of it, slipping out of my fingers, dropping on my plate with a thud, my fingers being coated in thick yellow yolk gunk…

I don’t know what I was thinking when I decided to make this for the husband. My brain must have checked out for a mental vacation. Oy! I canNOT wait to get my next lab results back and sit through the lecture about my cholesterol I know is sure to come out my doctor’s mouth. And her resident’s mouth, and probably her nurse’s, too (you know, for good measure).

Also, this burger concoction is making me seriously rethink John Catucci’s strong acting abilities. Surely he didn’t like it as much as he appeared to onscreen. There is no way! Granted, mine lacked sausage, but still. It should have been close enough for us to get a sense of what the blue haired woman created. But, seriously, if I were John, I would have asked what else she had to cook and taste test instead.

I say all of this in half jest because Anna, whom I used to work with many years ago in tv production now works on this show, is probably laughing at my stupidity and forwarding this blog post url to John to read as you’re all reading these words. Winky-wink!

{waving} Hi, John! Remember me when you win your first Gemini. 😀