Crazytown Express

What a crazy time for me. I have been between jobs, enjoying my Spring and Summer with the husband at home since the end of March, but a few weeks ago I started taking interviews for jobs. I didn’t get the first one, which would have been cool, but sometimes two personalities don’t mesh and you lose out. Such is life, right? Well, fret not, I pushed forward and got myself a great little gig at the grocery store across the street from my house that will allow me to work a few shifts a week to get me out of the house, and allow me more time to think up recipe ideas as I handle the new products they sell. Win-win.

And while that was happening, I got a call from my old employer from 6 years ago, whom I had forgotten all about. Turns out they can really use me there this year, so I met with the new manager yesterday and we hit it off really well. I start on Monday. I will be their resident floater because I know the kitchen and front sales area so well, I will get to help wherever I’m needed. Something tells me it will get a bit hairy at times (because it always does there), but I will love the variety. They’ve done some great changes since I left, and I’m looking forward to learning new things and working in new stations for them.

And both jobs come at the knick of time. I was starting to talk to myself from being home too long. {snort}