Sinus Infection Giveaway



I’m sick. Really sick. Too sick to be around food. None of the Weekend 5 is done, nor will it be before tonight at midnight, and I will probably need to take time off work to recoup. So, until I get better during the week, this week’s Weekend 5 will stay up and I will post the results when I can. It may even get rolled over as next week’s Weekend 5.

Yup, I’m that sick. Sinus infections are hell. Especially when they come with nasty coughs that make me pass out from straining too hard to catch my breath.

Worst part? I think I gave it to the husband before I realised I was this sick. Oops!

Oh, and I somehow managed to lose my cellphone while doing laundry yesterday. We’ve looked everywhere in this house, and it’s disappeared. Like magic, but way more vexing.