Muddling Through


1. Found my iFone. It appears to slipped under the shelving unit in the basement that houses our laser printer, toners and paper. The casing on the phone is smooth plastic, and coincidentally a very close shade of teal to the carpeting it slid across, so we kept missing it visually. I had to get down on all fours to spot it.

2. I am feeling better. More with each day. I did manage to test three of the Weekend 5 already, but the last two I haven’t had time to make yet. Those I think I will roll over to this week’s and pick up 3 new recipes to round it out.

3. It feels like Fall out there now. My Roma tomato plants have bit the biscuit. I need to pull those out and clean up the backyard this weekend. This makes me sad. I wish I could grow tomatoes all year long outside. Ahh, Canada and your extreme weathers. :-\