Pink Drink

I have been bringing these to work with me for a good chunk of August and September. I’m already looking forward to drinking more of it next Summer. šŸ˜€ It’s very easy to assemble and not too expensive to purchase the materials for. So, here we go:

The Pink Drink:
1/2 C chilled Pineapple Juice
1 C chilled White Grape Juice
1/8 C frozen Blue Berries
3 frozen strawberries
1/4 C chilled Coconut Milk, frothed
4-6 Ice Cubes

What I love the most about this drink is, as the fruit thaws, it releases lovely fruity juices into the other ingredients. It gets better tasting the longer I have it sitting in my large travel cup. As it sits, the coconut milk will start to separate from the acidic grape juice, so give it a shake before you open the lid to take a sip.