Air Fryer Chocolate Croissants

Made these tonight. Brilliant hack to get the materials assembled quickly, too. I watched a video online that illustrated if you buy store grade puff pastry, roll it out a bit, and crush up a Flaky chocolate bar to sprinkle over the middle of it, you two can cut up the triangles and roll the croissants in no time at all.

I baked five in the air fryer as a test of temps and times, and while I was doing there, three were sitting on the counter the whole time. What I didn’t realise was how much bigger they would be once I baked them because they had 20 mins to proof. Nice.

I used a liner in the basket and sprayed a bit of oil down for the bottoms to brown, and added a bit to the tops while using a pastry brush to make sure I got good coverage.

I baked them at 350* for 12 mins, jacked up the heat to 400* and baked them another 6 mins to get them to an internal temp of 205* – 210*. (This ensures the middles don’t come out undercooked.) But I think the next time I do these, I will bake them at 325* for 15 mins and then play with the temp for a bit of browning. I think I went too far with this batch.

Don’t overdo the time and temp because you will burn the chocolate as you attempt to brown the outside. The goal is to cook the croissants about 170*, and then go after the colour.