Large Diecasts left to sell

Here is a quick shot of the cars we have left that are at the 1:18 scale:
1957 Chevrolet Convertible (blue, 3nd on from left, bottom shelf)
1957 Chevrolet Convertible (black, 2nd on from left, bottom shelf)
1956 Ford Crown Victoria (mint/white behind the Aston Martin, top shelf)
1956 Ford Thunderbird (white, first one on the far left, bottom shelf)
1939 Lincoln Zephr Convertible (white, 3rd in from right, bottom shelf)
2012 Volkswagen New Beetle (last on the right, bottom shelf)

Here is a quick list of the cars we have left that are at the 1:24 scale:
Column 1 = year, make, model
Column 2 = Boxed or not
Column 3 = Length of car
Column 4 = Quantity on hand

Here is a quick list of the one car we have left that are at the 1:27 scale:
Here is a quick list of the cars we have left that are at the 1:32 scale:

Car collection for sale

Ugh, this is what we’re dealing with. This is only the first display case. There is a second one that’s half full, but this main one has a bottom storage area that we only thought about opening the other day. Guess what, kids?! Yup! More stuff to sort through.

I need a drink. Anyone else need a drink looking at this photo?

Model cars for sale

A few of the remaining 1:18 cars that didn’t sell last week like we thought would happen. So, back on the market they go!

1956 Ford Crown Victoria in mint and white. Scale 1:18.

1939 Lincoln Zephr Convertible (w/ removable hardtop). Scale 1:18.

Mixer for sale

Jo, this is the mixer for sale and its model number. It includes a second bowl (not show), the cast metal hook and paddle that have been powder coated white to match, and the base metal coloured whisk, along with a few books.

Vintage Finds #3

Are you ready for a few more? Here we go.

The FIL loved to collect. There wasn’t much he didn’t see value of some sort in, so when this craze from the late 1970s – early 1980s hit, he was all over it. This is a vest he’d wear proudly to point out certain buttons to me on occasion. He loved anything Canadiana, so there is a lot of that in his button collection. A LOT. Hey, he was very proud of his adopted country.

This vintage pinball machine was picked out by my husband and paid for by his father. Aside from a few parts that are worn and need replacing, this baby still works. Joe and his brother had lots of fun with game this as kids. (Excuse the mess. When we hauled the leather couch and chair up and out to the curb, we ended up throwing and piling stuff everywhere to make a big enough path. The couch was really long, and the passage way is tiny and angled.)

A fully functioning mini camera, complete with its tiny leather custom sewn case. Clear as day I remember these from my childhood. Someone in our neighbourhood owned one, and I fell in love with it way back then. Too bad you can’t get film for it anymore. It would be a great collector’s piece.

Hands up if you remember this type of tin cap. I do! My mother was always asking me to get the top off for her since she didn’t have long enough nails. Wow. It instantly brings me back to our old kitchen, standing beside her while she impatiently said, “Hurry up,” while she tried to make dinner for her small army of children.

There are two of these vintage deviled egg trays with snap-on lids in my MIL’s kitchen. The second one is all white while this one is yolk yellow. Ahh, deviled eggs. The staple of every home party since… forever? Probably. Well, certainly every birthday, anniversary, engagement, bridal, baby, candle, make-up, family reunion, etc party I was invited to. 🙂

To this day, when I drink root beer, I think of A&W. I kid you not. I found this collector’s glass beside its twin in the back reaches of a cupboard. This would have been, much like today when you buy a root beer at an A&W restaurant, a souvenir glass customers bought with the drink to take home. And it was always served frosty cold. Always. Even today.

In all my years of baking, using candy products to make desserts, I have never seen this brand of sprinkles. It has to pre-date even me, and I’m almost 49. Can you imagine this being in the back of your cupboard for that long?!? I can’t. I rotate everything on the regular. This wouldn’t last two years in my house. I would force myself to use it all up, or give it away. But again, another lovely jar in a delightful label. I love it. Just look at the font in that label. That screams 1950 – 1960s to me.

Vintage Finds #2

Another day, another small batch of vintage finds from the in-laws’ house as we clean it out in preparation to list the house early next year. Enjoy.

Nothing like some cookies with a side of guilt, no? This lovely cookie jar could be yours if you and Joe agree on a price he likes. 🙂 (See the video down below.)

This is from back in the day (say, the late 1980s) when my MIL worked at Burger King, and they brought in their own branded condiments. I have a few of these jars at home sans label that I now use as hurricane lights. This glass jar is heavy. It won’t be knocked over by a gust of wind anytime soon.

Ragged Ann & Andy Pattern

Another Ragged Ann & Andy pattern my MIL has in her collection.

Back in the day, the FIL grew his own grapes on top of the car port trellis to make wine at home. He did this for awhile, but eventually he got tired of doing battle royale with the local trash pandas and broke it all down. Hey look at that econo size Bailey’s! That belongs to the SIL. Barely touched. And I found another one just like it in the pantry. Guess she forgot she already owned one in this cold storage cellar when she bought the second?

Ahh, nothing quite screams the 1970s like miniature DIY oil paintings. They were all the rage. We even did them in our house. My mother did up an Elvis one if I remember correctly. We hung it in our hallway for a few years before it disappeared. So tacky, yet so iconic.