Pina Colada Smoothie

Who doesn’t love a nice Pina Colada? I know I do. It’s been a favourite since my aunt made them for us on New Years eve 1980. She made a virgin batch for the kids, and a real batch for my mother and her. It was fun, and tasty, and I felt included and quasi-adult back then. This drink pulls me right back to that night like it happened this year.

Try this one if you’re into Pina Coladas and tell me what you think.

Iced Vanilla Shake

I really like this smoothie. I come back to it at least once a week. It hits all the right flavours I love to consume, but I try to hold myself back from overindulging. I feel like when I die, this would be the smoothie that is found in my jumbo travel mug at the time.

Try this Iced Vanilla Shake and tell me what you think.

Snickers Smoothie

Here is a smoothie I found on Pinterest. I have tried it and it’s very close to the taste of the candy bar. Just without all of the chewing. (Sometimes my jaw gets tired. LOL) Anyway, I would recommend this for when you are bored or need a sugar fix. It’s really good so it would appeal to kids in small amounts, too.

Try this one and tell me what you think of the Snicker Smoothie.