My Sausage Fingers Strike Again

The other night I cooked a pizza for dinner, and as we were sitting down to enjoy a few slices with some soda, my fat sausage fingers got me into trouble again. *le sigh*

As I was reaching for another slice, my knuckle knocked the full glass of Fresca that was in front of the pizza on the cutting board, and this caused it to fall over and hit the hard wood board. It smashed and spilled my drink all over, under, and around the pizza slices, along with a bunch of big and small glass pieces.

I had to throw those slices (mine with the black olives) into the trash and work as fast as possible to mop up the drink that was now flowing all over the dining table as well as the cutting board. *le sigh*

“Would you like a some pizza with your broken glass?” asked the husband.

Summer Salads & Hashes

Here is a small collection of the salads I have been enjoying this week.

This is my Cold Spicy Turkey Noodle salad. It’s a riff on the Cold Thai Salad I used to make at the college for the kids. I used one pack of Ramen (set the seasoning pack aside), a 5″ piece of cucumber that I diced up, half a red pepper diced up, a quarter of yellow onion thin sliced, and some turkey breast slices I had sitting in the fridge after cooking it in the air fryer a few days prior that I cut up. I tossed it all with S&P / Italian dressing / a dab of Sambol hot chili sauce. This salad was intended to be served cold but I kind of like it closer to room temp. This might be go-to salad of Summer.

This salad is a veggy crisper drawer cleaner if there ever was one. I started by lightly salting bite size romaine lettuce pieces, and to that I added one Roma tomato diced up, a 5″ cucumber section that was also diced, a bit of red onion I had kicking around, and I cooked up 1/4 C of bulgar to cool down before tossing it all in Italian dressing. I was out of parmesan, otherwise some small chips or some grated cheese would have set this off perfectly. I love to eat this one at room temp, but since I leave it in the fridge at work, cold worked out just fine, too.

Egg salad in delicious dill flavoured marble rye. What’s not to love?! I boiled up the last four eggs I had in boiling water with a small glub of vinegar to help the shells slide right off with ease, and set up a cold ice bath to rapid cool them. While I waited the 14 cook time, I headed out to the herb garden to cut a bunch of chives to wash and cut up fine. The dressing for this was just a few heaping tablespoons of mayo, a teaspoon of Dijon, and loads of fresh cracked pepper followed up by a pinch of salt (to taste). Delicious!

This was a dish I found on Pinterest that looked interesting to me, and hit all of the food in my fridge I wanted to get rid of this week. 🙂 It was a simple pan fry hash starting with half an onion and four garlics minced. From there, I browned and chopped up ground meat (any), added thin slices of green cabbage, small julienne cuts of peppers, and strips of carrot. When everything was cooked and softened up, I poured in two tablespoons of soy sauce along with the ramen season pack I set aside the day before. After a good mix, I added a can of sliced tomatoes near the end. I let it cook down a bit longer so all the flavoured melded into each other before serving it. I liked it but I want to improve or tweak it the next time I make this with different flavours.