Tuna Burgers

I’m slowly weening myself, and by extension the husband, off of red meat. We tend to eat a lot of red meats all year, but in the summer, we tend to go bonkers smoking every thing we can get our hands on. I haven’t figured out what this summer will look like for us yet, but if Mother Nature has her way, she’s not into giving us many long weekend bbq/smoking sessions. 🙁

Sidebar: Doesn’t this Smoke warning look like a suggestion to smoke some bacon??

Anyway, I found this online recipe for Tuna Burgers, and having noted I have two cans of tuna collecting dust (not really) in my pantry just this morning, I instantly knew what to make for dinner tonight. I love tuna melts and tuna burgers. This recipe wasn’t far off of what I would have dreamt up had I had enough mental clarity to do so. I had a long day at work, so I needed a recipe geared towards the living dead tonight. 🙂

The burgers turned out nicely, too. I used some herbs from my garden in the patties as well as in the burger sauce, so that worked out nicely for me. I have to keep using them so they keep growing back and all that jazz.

Speaking of herbs, I am growing a small bunch of Strawberry Mint to use in simple syrups and to mottle down for faux mojitos. Fojitos?

I clipped a bunch the other day and whipped it over the fence for my neighbours who love to make summer drinks for their endless parade of visitors in their backyard. I really should have added a few rocks to the bag because it only just got over the fence, and then landed behind their bbq grill. LOL I quickly texted her and she grabbed it after they came back from walking the dog.

Like the other herbs, the more I harvest, the more it regrows. I should have a lot by this time in July. Woot.

Trying New Coffee Drinks

Stopped by the local coffee shop that took over when a Starbux closed (imagine that!). They have some new drinks so I decided to try their Rosa Mocha. It’s an interesting and complex flavoured coffee drink: espresso, heavy cream, and a blend of hazelnut/strawberry/chocolate syrups.

It’s weird combination, yet it works for me somehow.

Summer Salads & Hashes

Here is a small collection of the salads I have been enjoying this week.

This is my Cold Spicy Turkey Noodle salad. It’s a riff on the Cold Thai Salad I used to make at the college for the kids. I used one pack of Ramen (set the seasoning pack aside), a 5″ piece of cucumber that I diced up, half a red pepper diced up, a quarter of yellow onion thin sliced, and some turkey breast slices I had sitting in the fridge after cooking it in the air fryer a few days prior that I cut up. I tossed it all with S&P / Italian dressing / a dab of Sambol hot chili sauce. This salad was intended to be served cold but I kind of like it closer to room temp. This might be go-to salad of Summer.

This salad is a veggy crisper drawer cleaner if there ever was one. I started by lightly salting bite size romaine lettuce pieces, and to that I added one Roma tomato diced up, a 5″ cucumber section that was also diced, a bit of red onion I had kicking around, and I cooked up 1/4 C of bulgar to cool down before tossing it all in Italian dressing. I was out of parmesan, otherwise some small chips or some grated cheese would have set this off perfectly. I love to eat this one at room temp, but since I leave it in the fridge at work, cold worked out just fine, too.

Egg salad in delicious dill flavoured marble rye. What’s not to love?! I boiled up the last four eggs I had in boiling water with a small glub of vinegar to help the shells slide right off with ease, and set up a cold ice bath to rapid cool them. While I waited the 14 cook time, I headed out to the herb garden to cut a bunch of chives to wash and cut up fine. The dressing for this was just a few heaping tablespoons of mayo, a teaspoon of Dijon, and loads of fresh cracked pepper followed up by a pinch of salt (to taste). Delicious!

This was a dish I found on Pinterest that looked interesting to me, and hit all of the food in my fridge I wanted to get rid of this week. 🙂 It was a simple pan fry hash starting with half an onion and four garlics minced. From there, I browned and chopped up ground meat (any), added thin slices of green cabbage, small julienne cuts of peppers, and strips of carrot. When everything was cooked and softened up, I poured in two tablespoons of soy sauce along with the ramen season pack I set aside the day before. After a good mix, I added a can of sliced tomatoes near the end. I let it cook down a bit longer so all the flavoured melded into each other before serving it. I liked it but I want to improve or tweak it the next time I make this with different flavours.

Pink Drink Season!

Fake out Starbux Pink Drink season is upon us, and I’m in my happy place. 🙂

Strawberry Base:
1C Strawberries, fresh, cut into small chunks
2 Tbsp Sugar (if they are ripe and sweet, add up to another 2 Tbsp if they aren’t)

Roll the berries around in the sugar for 20 mins to soften them. Dump them into a blender jar and add the juice from half a lime. Blitz well on high. Pour into a mason jar to store in the fridge.

Pink Drink:
1C Ice
1C White Grape Juice
1/4 Heavy Cream
2-3 Tbsp Strawberry Base
2 Tea Maple Syrup
Drizzle of Heavy Cream (topper)
Few Freeze Dried Strawberries

Blend well in a high speed blender, or shake it up in a tight fitted lid mason jar. Decant into a tall lidded glass, add toppers, and enjoy.

Lush Ramen Noodz

I love the comforting lushness butter adds to ramen. I used to make it according to the picture above with a basic chicken pack, but I have learned I like it more with less garlic powder and a tablespoon of onion powder. I leave the salt out. The seasoning pack is salty enough. The noodles will end up sitting in a yellow broth made from the egg yolk and the butter knob. Can’t be beat when you are only in the mood for comforting noodles.