Breakfast Pasta Skillet


[ Breakfast Pasta Skillet recipe and picture courtesy of A Beautiful Bite ]

I feel it’s never too early in the day for pasta, so I like to find ways to make it for breakfast as well as lunch and dinner. And I never hear any objections from the spousal unit, so this is one I will be testing this long weekend.

I also want to test this with leftover Jasmine rice. Probably Asian noodles, too. And if we’re going that far, why not leftover bulgur?

‘Mmm… I making myself hungry running down the possibilities. Heh.

Knorr Sample Pack

The mailman dropped off a sample pack today from Knorr along with our mail.Knorr-2

The sample pack also contains a magnetic QR code, a bouillon sample, a $5 coupon and a recipe collection of dinner ideas.



It’s always lovely to get free samples from any company, but it’s even nicer then they include a novel item such as this tote bag that folds up neatly with a flap sewn onto the side with a velcro tab to keep it folded up. Handy way to save space and keep it in great condition for a long time to come, no?