Peanut Butter Cookies


Something about today is just breaking my brain. Or, perhaps my brain isn’t quite awake like the rest of me? Not sure. But, I’m fairly certain only simple things will get done today, like this simple 3-ingredient recipe for Peanut Butter Cookies. All it requires is one egg, 1 cup of sugar and one cup of peanut butter. (Ratio: 1:1:1)

Or, if you’re running on full steam unlike me today, and you like a bit of jazz hands with your Peanut Butter cookies, you can always try this version from Tasty Kitchen. You can’t go wrong with anything from that site!

Vincent Talleu, Master Baker

I am a huge fan of these four Vincent Talleu‘s youtube videos showing him in his bakery making bread, chocolate pastries, etc. I could watch these all day long if I had time.

Check out this bread making marathon one. This one if my favourite. It’s 11:38 minutes long, but worth every second you spend watching it. I’d be highly surprised if you don’t drool or exclaim from five new tricks you pick up watching him.

Master bakers. Bless their hearts. They’re not only awesome to work with, but awesome to stand back and watch if they let you.

Whipped Potatoes

This may sound odd or silly, but as big of a fan as I obviously am of pasta, I’m not a fan of rice or potatoes. I do, however, find myself mesmerized by whipped potatoes when it’s part of a large special occasion meal. It’s one of the best parts of a large bird meal when done right. Each mouthful a gift, a cloud of yum, a taste of heaven if you will – whichever you prefer.

Thanksgiving in Canada is just over a week away and this is the method I plan to employ this year to make my little clouds from the sky whipped potatoes. It comes to us courtesy of, and the potato segment starts at the 15 minute mark.

This recipe is brilliant because it brings together so many of the things I love to use in my own kitchen: dairy, butter and my KitchenAid mixer!