For Mary-Lou

Here are a few bits of memory lane for you while you’re laying around resting your knee:

Joe’s old childhood car phone. I’m sure it would still work today if we had a landline. More of the MIL’s vintage Raggedy Ann collection. This time, in candle form.I guess someone gave this to my MIL at some point. She loves Rockwell art items. This an old camping tea pot we found in the basement. It’s in great shape! Any takers? The husband’s toy Star Trek communicators. I’m sure these will work in 133 years.

I’ve named this cute mug Bessy. Would you like to adopt Bessy? She doesn’t moo, so there won’t be any shaming from her over how much cream you use in your coffee. šŸ˜‰

The 1:32 Scale Cars

Roman, here are some pix for you to look at before you head out to view what we have for sale. As I mentioned, we have 26 unique cars, and ten duplicates. All are on this table, ready for you to look through.

Large Diecasts left to sell

Here is a quick shot of the cars we have left that are at the 1:18 scale:
1957 Chevrolet Convertible (blue, 3nd on from left, bottom shelf)
1957 Chevrolet Convertible (black, 2nd on from left, bottom shelf)
1956 Ford Crown Victoria (mint/white behind the Aston Martin, top shelf)
1956 Ford Thunderbird (white, first one on the far left, bottom shelf)
1939 Lincoln Zephr Convertible (white, 3rd in from right, bottom shelf)
2012 Volkswagen New Beetle (last on the right, bottom shelf)

Here is a quick list of the cars we have left that are at the 1:24 scale:
Column 1 = year, make, model
ColumnĀ 2 = Boxed or not
ColumnĀ 3 = Length of car
Column 4 = Quantity on hand

Here is a quick list of the one car we have left that are at the 1:27 scale:
Here is a quick list of the cars we have left that are at the 1:32 scale:

Car collection for sale

Ugh, this is what we’re dealing with. This is only the first display case. There is a second one that’s half full, but this main one has a bottom storage area that we only thought about opening the other day. Guess what, kids?! Yup! More stuff to sort through.

I need a drink. Anyone else need a drink looking at this photo?

Model cars for sale

A few of the remaining 1:18 cars that didn’t sell last week like we thought would happen. So, back on the market they go!

1956 Ford Crown Victoria in mint and white. Scale 1:18.

1939 Lincoln Zephr Convertible (w/ removable hardtop). Scale 1:18.

Mixer for sale

Jo, this is the mixer for sale and its model number. It includes a second bowl (not show), the cast metal hook and paddle that have been powder coated white to match, and the base metal coloured whisk, along with a few books.